Instructions to authors

Papers editing model

We welcome submissions from all fields of Biotechnology science. 

Articles should be typed in English using the Microsoft Word (maximum version 2003).

Manuscript types:

– Original research (Research Articles);

– Commentary;

– Reports;

– Reviews;

The Banat’s Journal of Biotechnology Guidelines for Authors of Scientific Articles to be Published in English  provide simple, clear advice aimed at making international scientific communication more efficient.

We encourage authors to observe these guidelines and apply the relevant suggestions to their manuscripts before submission. Adherence should mean that the manuscript has a greater chance of acceptance. Moreover, the editorial process will tend to be faster, so authors, translators, reviewers and editors will save time. The paper structure:

Title of the paper,

Name in small letters (Anna),

Surname  with uppercase (FORNAR),

Affiliation, address, city and country.

Corresponding author email address, and phone number,

Abstract (Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusions),



Materials and methods,

Results and discussion,


The rolls in authorship justified by planning (P), sampling undertaken (S), analysis (A), data interpretation (D) and writing (W); *Corresponding author; **Published Without my PhD supervisor)



The sections appear in a journal style paper (11-pt Arial) in the following prescribed order:

Experimental process Section of Paper
What did I do in a nutshell? Abstract (Background, Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusions)
What is the problem? Introduction
How did I solve the problem? Materials and Methods
What did I find out? Results and Discussion
What does it mean?
What are the results and recommendations? Conclusions
Who helped me out? Acknowledgments (optional)
Whose work did I refer to? Bibliography
Extra Information Appendices (optional)

In text bibliography is the family name and year of publication [FORNAR, 2015, FORNAR and FORNAR, 2015 or FORNAR et al., 2015] and Possibly list of acronyms (abbreviations).

Work in English will be sent in electronic version attachment to e–mail, address International standards for editors and authors ( COPE Guidelines

Research articles, and any other type of article funded by a funder who mandates Open Access publication, are published under a Creative Commons Licence.

international standards for authors

COPE flow charts (please follow below link) shall also be considered while dealing with plagiarism complaints.

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