DOI: 10.7904/2068–4738–VII(13)–77

Evgeniya D. ZHEKOVA

Institute of Agriculture and Seed Science “Obraztsov chiflik”, 7007–Roussestr. “Prof. Ivan Ivanov” №1, BULGARIA

*Corresponding author: e–mail: e.d.zhekova@abv.bg

Abstract. During the period 2011–2013 a monitoring of entomofauna was performed in environmentally justified crop rotation including alternation of legumes (field beans, forage peas) with cereals (wheat, malting barley). Conventional entomological methods were used for identification of species and population density of harmful insects and their entomophaga. The results were processed according to the crops. In no one of the four crops, pests in density over Economic Injury Level were detected. Diversity of entomophaga was explained via the favorable ecological environmental conditions and namely by the presence of the trophic factor and the absence of chemical treatments with insecticides.

Keyword: entomofauna, monitoring, ecological crop rotation.


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