DOI: 10.7904/2068–4738–VII(14)–60

Natalia GEORGIEVA*, Ivelina NIKOLOVA1, Vladimir DIMITROV2, Daniela DIMITROVA2

 1Institute of Forage crops, 5800–Pleven, Gen. V. Vazov Street, 89, Pleven, BULGARIA

2Institute of viticulture and enology, 5800–Pleven, Kala Tepe Street, 1, Pleven, BULGARIA

*Corresponding author: Е–mail: imnatalia

Abstract. The presented evaluation provides an opportunity to be compared the economic results at different variants of forage pea organic production. From the recommended indicators in economic literature in the current evaluation are calculated following ones: total production (€/da), production costs (€/da), cost price (€/kg), net income (€/da) and rentability (%). In the organic production are used four products: foliar fertilizer Biofа, growth regulator and fungicide Polyversum, bioinsecticides Pyrethrum and NeemAzal which are applied alone and in combination. Comparisons are chemicals (regulator Flordimex, insecticide Nurelle D) that are used in the standard conventional technology. All variants of organic production are cost–effective and enable the realization of good economic results. With the highest economic effect is the application of organic fertilizer Biofa in combination with bioinsecticide Polyversum. In the production of hay, this combination provides profitability of 79.30 %, exceeding the profitability of the standard variant in conventional production (75.00 %); the profitability in grain production (137.05 %) is somewhat lower than that of the conventional variant (140.00 %). Overall, the profitability in different variants of pea organic production for grain and hay is with average values of 109.91 % and 51.67 %, as values for the conventional production are 128.905 and 68.43 %, respectively. Although the result of the economic evaluation is chosen a certain optimal variant of pea organic production, open to future studies remain questions concerning the effectiveness of various organic products in different forms of production organization.

Keyword: economic evaluation, rentability, organic production, pea.

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