DOI: 10.7904/2068–4738–VII(14)–97


Ouldyerou KARIMA*, Ibri KADA, Bouhadi DJILALI, Hariri AHMED, Meddah BOUMEDIENNE, Tirtouil AICHA

 Laboratory of Bioconversion; Microbiological engineering and safety,

Faculty of Science; Department of Biology; University of Mascara, Mascara, ALGERIA

*Corresponding author: mhanine11@yahoo.fr

Abstract. Due to rapid growth of the food processing industry and the consumption of processed foods, the demand for natural antimicrobial agents is on the rise. Consumers have become more aware about the health effects of the synthetic preservatives used in food. Hence natural preservatives are developed to meet the demand of consumers. These natural antimicrobials are developed either from plants or their parts, animals or even microorganisms. Even the waste generated from the food industries is being considered as an alternative to produce natural antimicrobials. The aim of the present study was to utilize the waste generated from the citrus fruit processing (peel) industry. This study was to utilize the powder from the peel of Citrus sinensis in food (Oil of olive and cream dessert) to preserve their quality, this peel can be used as antimicrobial and antioxidant activity so food preservation purpose.

Keyword: Citrus sinensis peel, powder, food, antimicrobial activity, antioxidant activity.

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