Alkaline protease producing Bacillus isolation and identification from Iran

DOI: 10.7904/2068–4738–VIII(16)–140


Department of Microbiology, Damghan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Damghan. IRAN

*Corresponding Author:, Tel: +989124023012

Abstract. Although several microorganisms are known to produce proteases, Bacillus strains are often preferred as major sources for commercial alkaline proteases due to their exceptional ability to secrete large amounts of highly active enzymes. The present study aimed at isolation and molecular identification of alkaline protease producing Bacillus spp. from soil samples of Damghan County in Iran. This research was conducted in the laboratory complexes in the school of pharmacy of Islamic Azad University Damghan Branch. Soil samples were collected from 3 different regions. Streaking plate was done and 9 colonies were selected on the basis of appearance. To identify isolates, biochemical tests were performed. 16SrRNA gene duplicated with PCR and sent to Sinagene Company for sequencing. All isolates were oxidase–negative and catalase–positive. The ONPG tests were negative. 16SrRNA analysis showed that the isolated bacteria belonged to genus Bacillus. The results confirmed that four bacterial isolates had alkaline protease production capacity. It appears that after complementary examinations, the isolated Bacillus strains can be used for production of alkaline protease.

Keyword: alkaline protease, Bacillus, enzyme, biochemical tests.

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