Assessment of HIV infection in cells of infected individuals

DOI: 10.7904/2068–4738–VIII(16)–24


Jafar AGHAJANI1, Seyed Bashir MIRTAJANI1, Saba AMIRI KOJURI2, Reihane ZAHEIRE1, Saman AYOUBI*3

1Department of Biothechnology, Lahijan branch, Islamic Azad University, Lahijan, IRAN

2Young Researchers and Elite club, Chalus branch, Islamic Azad University, Chalus, IRAN

3Department of Immunology, School of medicine, Tehran University of Medical sciences, Tehran, IRAN

*Corresponding author:

Abstract. HIV is one of the most prevalent opportunistic pathogens in cells of infected individuals and can cause diseases such as: encephalitis, pneumonia and chorioretinitis. The aim of this study is to investigate HIV infection in cells infected persons. This study was performed on 50 blood samples from individuals infected with HIV. Studied patients in the two groups were consumer and nonconsumer of antiretroviral drugs (mention the name of the Antiviral drug). After separation of plasma from the blood samples to detect HIV in cell culture and PCR were examined. Of the 50 patients, 56 % (n = 28) were male and 44 percent (n = 22) were women. DNA antibodies in 16 % (8 cases) were identified in the population, the prevalence of HIV infection in men 21.4 % (6 cases) and in women 1.9% (2 cases). The high prevalence of HIV infection in patients treated with CMV (full form of CMV), the treatment of HIV infection should be considered.

Keyword: HIV infection, cells infection, analyses, characteristics.

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