Quality characteristics and consumer acceptance of soft drinks manufactured by clarified date liquid sugars

DOI: 10.7904/2068-4738-X(20)-19

Ahmed HARIRI1*, Nawel OUIS2, Djilali BOUHADI1, Zouaoui BENATOUCHE1

1* Bioconversion Laboratory, Microbiology Engineering and Health Safety, University Mustapha Stambouli of Mascara (UN 2901), BP. 763, Sidi Said, Mascara, ALGERIA.

2 Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules and Biological Interfaces, University Mustapha Stambouli of Mascara (UN 2901), BP. 763, Sidi Said, Mascara, Algeria.

Corresponding author*: haririahmed@yahoo.fr

Abstract. This study was carried out to determine the effect of replacement of granular sucrose by clarified date liquid sugars during manufacture of soft drinks. In order to obtain pure liquid sugars, date syrup obtained by hot extraction (85 °C for 2h) at 20 % was clarified by Bentonite at concentration of 16.6 g.L–1, temperature of 60 °C for 30 min at pH 4. The sweetened clarified date syrup was concentrated in water bath at 105 °C, sterilized at 120 °C for 10 min and used for replacement of sucrose at 20, 40 and 80 mL. The clarification of date syrup by Bentonite removes the major compounds except the sugars and leads to clear sweetened liquid sugars. Clarified liquid sugars was characterized by lower levels of turbidity 22.0±0.2, viscosity 0.93±0.01 mPas, density 1.001±0.020, optical density 0.40±0.01, pectin 0.70±0.10 %, dry matter 14.76±0.20 %, proteins 0.07±0.10 %, ash 0.19±0.01 % and higher amounts of sugars 84.2±0.2 %. The inclusion of liquid sugar for manufacture of soft drinks as substitute of sucrose found a good physical, biochemical and microbiological qualities and high acceptability for its sensorial characteristics. These results suggest the potential use of date liquid sugars for formulation of new food products.

Keywords: bentonite, clarification, date, liquid sugar, soft drinks, syrup.

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