Analysis and Simulation of AM2 Model for Anaerobic Digesters

DOI: 10.7904/2068-4738-XI(22)-30

Abdelouahab ZAATRI1, Ridha KELAIAIA*2

 1 Independent Researcher, Ex–Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Brothers Mentouri, Constantine 1, ALGERIA.

2LGMM Laboratory, College of Technology, Université 20 août 1955–Skikda, 21000, ALGERIA.

*Corresponding author: r.kelaiaia@univ– ; Tel:+213 550 700 833

 Abstract. The simulation of anaerobic bioreactors of batch type for the methane production according to the AM2 mathematical model reveals a strong sensitivity of the results (variation of the concentrations of substrates, bacterial evolution and flow of methane production) with respect to the variations of the model parameters. To highlight this sensitivity, we undertook an extensive literature review that has actually shown a dispersion of the model parameters as given and estimated by different authors. This is due, probably, to the complexity of biotechnology phenomena, to the variety in the composition of the substrate and to other factors influencing the experimental conditions (pH, temperature, etc.). An “average” estimation of the model parameters based on the literature was determined and was used to simulate the operation of the bioreactors. A comparative analysis of this model is performed enabling to show the variability of the system parameters and its influence on the methane production. By fitting the shape of the simulated model to that of experimental results given by the literature, we extract some average parameter values that can be used later on to characterize bioreactor systems in more or less similar conditions.

Keyword: Anaerobic digestion, AM2 model, Simulation of anaerobic bioreactors, Biotechnology.

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