Yield, yield components and some quality properties of fenugreek cultivar and lines

DOI: 10.7904/2068-4738-XI(22)-40

Gulsum YALDIZ1*, Mahmut CAMLICA1

 1Department of Field Crops, Faculty of Agricultural and Natural Sciences, University of Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal, 14280, Bolu, TURKEY

*Corresponding author: g_yaldiz@hotmail.com; Tel: +90 (374) 253 43 45


Abstract. Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum–graecum) belongs to fabaceae family. It is evaluated as multipurpose and commercially important spice plant. It has lots of health benefits and some of them are listed as diabetes control, decreasing blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, inflammation, loss of appetite. This research was carried out to determine the yield and some quality properties of one cultivar (Gürarslan) and 2 fenugreek lines (line–1 and line–2) in 5 different sowing dates (October, November, December, March and April) under Ordu ecological conditions during 2013–2014 years. Experiments were designed and applied in split block design with three replications. Plant height, pod number per plant, seed number per pod, pod length, branche number per plant, 1000 seed weight, biological yield, seed yield, harvest index, crude protein content, crude oil rate were determined as 30.13–63.90 cm, 3.0–11.33 number, 21.33–68.33 number, 10.50–14.0 cm, 1.0–4.33 number, 17–20.82 g, 161.48–378.44 kg da–1, 45.64–86.98 kg da–1, 19.91–43.08%, 9.64–10.32% and 2.26–4.93%, respectively. Significant differences were determined among the fenugreek cultivar and lines except crude protein content and crude oil rate. While the highest seed yield and crude oil rate were found in line–1 in 2nd sowing time, crude protein content was obtained in Gürarslan cultivar in 2nd sowing time and line–1 in 5th sowing time. Correlation matrix and PCA were conducted to find relationship among the examined properties. Generally, line–1 can be selected for crude protein content and crude oil in 5th sowing time and line 2 can be chosen for seed yield 2nd sowing time.

Keyword: fenugreek, yield characters, lines.

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